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R2Gate and AnyRidge - A Winning Combination!!
R2Gate and AnyRidge - A Winning Combination!!
Writer Segin Chandran Date 2019-05-22
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- Implant placement
- Sinus
- Guided Surgery
- Treatment planning
- Digital Scanning

Getting a dental Implant done is not a nightmare any more ! Most advanced digital keyhole dental implant placement @ Kamala Dental -

well planned and executed in utmost sterile and hygienic condition in our Minor OT (Implant Suite). You can get your missing tooth fixed in an hour. Planning through R2Gate make it so precise and predictable. Knife edge design and progressive thread pattern of MegaGen AnyRidge offer maximum stability in poor quality bone, i.e. D4 in posterior maxilla. After reaching up to sinus membrane here, we tried osseodensification to get better quality bone, creating a wider osteotomy to receive implant. Atraumatic placement, better primary stability, all good and still waiting for osseointegration secondary stability.

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